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Species and Varieties Grown by Bouquet Banque as of 2017 - 2018

Rubrum in gardens at Bouquet Banque.   Plant availability will vary with each growing year. We raise our own plants from field grown divisions and sell them in well-rooted 5" banded pots. Specific growing instructions accompany plant divisions. Please contact Bouquet Banque grower Bill Roeder for specifics before ordering your plants.   Grower pots ready for sale.

  • E. acuminatum - pretty hard to resist the glory of this Chinese species. Long pointed leaflets full of grace and mottled reds on green and giant long spurred flowers, deep rose on white, held just below the leaflet. Quite rare in cultivation, but fairly easy to grow.

  • E. campanulatum - one of the few species with spurless flowers, this is an elegant plant with small, soft, yellow flowers that hang in clusters. From China, the foliage here is a rich celadon green.

  • E. diphyllum ‘Variegatum’ - unusual to have cream and green foliage on this dainty Japanese species selection. Leaves are lung shaped, deciduous, topped with tiny white bells in spring.

  • E. epstenii - short, tidy and evergreen, this choice is wonderful for drifts of striking foliage and bicolor red and white blossoms carried a long while from April to June.

  • E. franchetti - a Chinese species, this lovely earns the term fairy wing extraordinaire! with its’ long elegant leaflets. Flowers occur in long sprays, held well above the foliage, pale sulphur yellow.

  • E. grandiflorum ‘Dark Beauty’ - a deciduous cultivar of Japanese origin. Large, purple and white bicolored flowers and lovely chocolate purple emerging foliage. dainty, at 12”

  • E. grandiflorum ‘Lilafee’ - a dwarf deciduous selection of exuberant good looks introduced by plantsman Ernst Pagels of Germany. Early spring foliage is bronzy lavender, heart shaped and filled with joy. Add to that deep lilac flowers and ease of care-moist dappled shade.

  • E. grandiflorum ‘Tama No Genpei’ - A very showy Japanese variety for part to full shade. Early spring foliage is purple tinted, and the deep purple and white flowers held strong aloft on 16” stems.

  • E. grandiflorum var higoense - you will want to cut back old foliage in late winter on this, as the new growth is wonderfully colored with dark spots on bright tissue green. White flowers.

  • E. grandiflorum var higoense ‘Bandit’ - A Japanese cultivar-new foliage appears in spring with a purple-black border on bright green. Very striking, and combined with the creamy white flowers makes this plant a collector’s specimen.

  • E. latisepalum - this Chinese species is soft, beautiful, and graceful. With large pendulous white flowers and a translucency to the foliage clusters with overlapping leaflets-it speaks quietly of refinement.

  • E. leptorrhizum - from the Guizhou province of China, this elegant beauty carries exquisite pink drooping flowers in abundance, a wondrous mottled rose foliage and elongated form. Requires light shade and a moist, humus- rich woodland soil.

  • E. platypetalum (white flowered) - three basal leaves, spiny, slightly rounded. A Chinese species of some discussion, this collectable bears white spurless flowers on 10” stems.

  • E. pubigerum - perfect for the small garden, this evergreen species remains compact and invites the visitor to come closer. What greets the eye is lovely mottled heart shaped foliage, and clusters of simple bicolor flowers-no spurs. Discovered in northern Asia Minor, eastward to the Caucasus.

  • E. rhizomatosum - a good spreading Chinese species, this plant is excellent ground cover in part shade. Mottled leaves with russet tones in spring, plus long, long sprays of golden yellow spurred blossoms-often carrying up to 50 blooms. taller than average-about 18”

  • E. stellulatum Long Leaf Form - this rare collector's plant is strikingly graceful. Standing quite tall on wiry stems, the leaflets emerge slender, bronze, shapely and long. Like clusters of stars, the white sprays burst forth with deep yellow centers. Discovered on a mountain in Hubei province--the refinement of this plant leaves me breathless.

  • E. x perralchicum - another naturally occurring hybrid from Wisley, this evergreen epimedium is a robust and carefree groundcover selection thick with bright yellow flowers each spring. ** A great naturalizing choice as deer don’t like them!

  • E. x rubrum - originally bred in Belgium, this hybrid has pale yellow and crimson flowers, followed by the most glorious mottled red foliage. easy to cultivate, preferring half shade and well drained soil.

  • E. x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’ - A persistent hybrid favorite with evergreen leaves, smooth and leathery, often turning a cherry bronze in fall, spectacular new growth mottled foliage in spring, and a lovely soft yellow bicolor abundance in bloom. Great landscaping selection.

  • E. x warleyense - a naturally occurring hybrid from England with sturdy characteristics, large heart shaped leaves and conspicuous coppery red & yellow flowers. Very cold hardy. Slow grower. Nice specimen plant.

  • E. x youngianum ‘Asuza’ - white flowers edged in brilliant red and exceptional form make this garden hybrid rarely found and highly sought. 9 leaflet foliage is buoyant, only 10 inches tall, with a silvery edge on the leaf veins. Deciduous, easy in light shade, humusy soil.

  • E. x youngianum ‘Niveum’ - of Japanese origin, this hybrid has a dainty quality and sparkling white flowers. It is one of my favorites in foliage, a chocolate colored new growth, and a shorter habit than most.

  • E. x youngianum ‘Tamabotan’ - outstanding hybrid with deep purple foliage in spring, cascading form, abundant and unconcealed lavender flowers. Another choice selection, rarely available.

  • E. x youngianum ‘Yenomoto Form’ - a slow growing clumper that likes a humusy soil, this plant has great long spurred brilliant white blossoms, a very refined style- and a big bonus is crimson colored foliage in fall. deciduous, but hardy in NW

  • E. wushanense - a most graceful slender long leaf held in groups of three and upright frothy flower stems in pale yellow. This Sichuan province species has foliage to make the collector swoon.

  • E. zhushanense - a collectors’ choice from China, Hubei province. Long sprays of purple spurred flowers and distinctive single leaflet form. a great specimen epimedium for moist dappled shade or pot.

##Plant availability will vary with each growing year. We raise our own plants from field grown divisions and sell them in well-rooted 5" banded pots. Specific growing instructions accompany plant divisions. Please contact Bouquet Banque grower Bill Roeder for specifics before ordering your plants.
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