Fishsticks Basketry School

View of path through gardens to workshop Fishsticks Basketry: where traditions and fine craftsmanship meet and greet, strike a spark, leave a mark.

Founded in 1991 by two basketry artists from the Northwest, Judy Zugish and Bill Roeder seeded a vision: To create an educational resource devoted to the preservation of authentic basketry skills. Our compelling purpose has persisted through many challenging and rewarding years and we find ourselves today still embracing this mission.

Locations confirm character, and this 2-acre designer garden defines ours, for Fishsticks Basketry is a hands-on field study school placed in a landscape of growing plants nurtured for their fiber arts potential. Committed to the well-nourished theories of lifetime learning, we welcome all levels, all ages to the development of thoughtful, useful, and beautiful expression in our lives.

The Fishsticks Journey

Closeup of woven spiral   Snowdrops pathway   Class in progress in workshop
Restoration and respect for the traditional skills of fine craft is our beginning.   Illuminating the individual experimentation that leads to artful knowledge is the pathway.   Gratitude for friendships, creativity, and meaningful achievement is our destination.

Both partners have over 20 years of active participation in the exciting renaissance of basketry, and each has trained extensively with master weavers of many nations.

Closeup of Judy Zugish's hands working on a basket   Judy Zugish is the designer/caretaker of the fiber arts garden and principal instructor at the studio in Marysville. She also travels extensively, teaching and lecturing across the US and Internationally. Her interpretive style explores materials from nature and re-examines traditional techniques in contemporary discovery.

Bill Roeder maintains the facility, directs the office organization, and devotes himself to growing and preparing superlative materials. He also lectures and demonstrates on German fine skein willow basketry. His strengths and skills are keenly applied to preparation of materials, designs of classical origin, and baskets of exquisite execution.

Bill Roeder with willow bundles

Master Weavers | Guest Instructors:
From time to time, Fishsticks Basketry hosts remarkable and gifted teachers from across the globe to bring their skills in technique and material to the Northwest. These guests come from many notable traditions, bringing their own passionate energy from as far away as Russia, Japan, England, Germany, and Canada as well as across the US. They always leave enchanted by our region, eager to return, and we are enriched with their shared knowledge.

International Ties:

  • In 1998, Judy and Bill organized a tour of basketry and gardens in the Kyushu Prefecture of Japan.
  • In the fall of 2002, they took a small group to the West Country of England for a personalized tour of willow basketry and gardens.
  • In 2003, 2005, and 2007 Bill traveled with a few selected artists to Lichtenfels, Germany in pursuit of his passion- German fine skein willow.
  • Currently Judy treks far afield - to Australia, Thailand, Laos and Mexico - engaging deeply in the direct connection to hands and heart that craft traditions preserve in our modern lives.

You’ll want to stay connected with each season--Welcome!

Backyard Basketry Seminar Series
Judy Zugish 2017 teaching schedule